It’s a good idea to meet every three months with your manager. These ‘Coaching for Performance’ conversations will help you keep track of your progress and look at what’s expected from you in the next few months.

We have produced a short video to help managers and employees with quarterly reviews and goal setting:

1. Looking back at what’s been happening

Start by reviewing what and how you’ve been doing over the last three months. Your manager will want to know that you’ve been working towards your goals and that you’ve been working in a way that matches our values. You might talk about:

  • What’s been going well?
  • What could have been better?
  • Have you met the goals we set in our last conversation?
  • If you haven’t – why not?
  • Are you doing your job in a way that meets our values? (See the Performance review page for more on this.)
  • Are there any issues you want to raise?

2. Setting goals

After looking at how things have been going, look forward to set some short term goals for the next three months or so.

  • Make them simple and achievable.
  • Keep the number down to around three or four.
  • Be clear about how they relate to the priorities of your team and the council.
  • Be clear on when you’re expected to deliver them.

What to think about before the meeting

You and your manager might want to think through what you talk about in advance.

As an employee, think about:

  • What you’ve done to work towards your goals.
  • How you’re contributing to your team.
  • Any problems or issues that might be affecting your performance, and how you can resolve them.
  • Your long and short-term career goals, and how your manager can help you with them.
  • Any training or development you’ve completed and how it’s helped you.
  • Any training you would like.

As a manager, think about:

  • What your team’s goals and priorities are.
  • Whether there are any new departmental pressures or specific tasks that need to be met.
  • What your employee’s strengths and development needs are.
  • Where you’d like to see them making progress.
  • Whether they need support with any health and wellbeing issues.

Will there be a record of this conversation?

How much of your conversation is recorded and how it’s done is a decision for you and your manager. It doesn’t have to be entered onto our admin system, SAP. But we think it’s a good idea to keep a record of your conversation locally – you can use the Quarterly review template for this (see attached below).