To give yourself the best chance of finding the right person for the role you want to recruit for, follow some simple steps to make advertising and shortlisting effective and straightforward.

Once the vacancy has been approved, the Resourcing Consultant will be in touch, and together you can work out the best way to attract the right candidate. This might include using a specialist job board or a social media campaign.

What your job advert should include

Your job advert needs to be clear, concise and well thought out in order for the potential applicant to decide whether they’re suitable for the role. It should contain:

  • The job title
  • Overview – short paragraph about the job, designed to make someone want to find out more
  • About us – a description of what the team does
  • About the role – what the job actually involves
  • About you – an outline of the qualifications and experience we’re looking for
  • Anything else we can add to sell role, including the benefits of working in your team
  • The job location and salary
  • The closing date
  • The interview date

If you need help with writing your job advert, get in touch with your Resourcing Consultant.

Why you need a job summary

You should include a job summary alongside your advert. This gives your potential applicant the chance to see whether their qualifications, skills and experience match those needed for the job.


The Resourcing Team will send the applications to you. They will let you know if any of the candidates have a disability, are Buckinghamshire Council employees or ex-services, or have criminal declarations. If you’ve got a large number of CVs to consider, assess them in stages. The stages below will help you rank them and decide who you’d like to interview.

  1. Exclude all the CVs that don’t meet the essential criteria on your job summary.
  2. Go through the remaining CVs and mark them out of 10 for how well they meet the essential criteria. Highlight any inconsistencies and check the candidate’s presentation, grammar, spelling and attention to detail.
  3. Go through the CVs again, and mark them out of 10 for how well they meet the desirable criteria on your job summary.

When you’ve decided who you’d like to interview, let your Resourcing Consultant know.


If an internal candidate who is on the Employee Transfer Register applies for the job, they have priority over external candidates.

An internal candidate should be:

  • Shortlisted within five days of the closing date
  • Interviewed if they meet the essential requirements of the job

You’ll need to put the recruitment process on hold until after they’ve been interviewed.

Guaranteed Interview Schemes

We run two schemes that guarantee an interview to certain candidates, as long as they meet the essential criteria for the job:

  1. Applicants who consider themselves to have a disability
  2. Applicants who are ex-service men and women, and serving reservists