The decision to hire someone needs to be signed off before you start the recruitment process. There are a few things to think about before you can ask your manager to approve your decision.

What kind of contract to offer

Before you get any further in the recruitment process, you’ll need to decide how you want to fill the vacancy you have. Do you want to employ someone on a temporary basis, to give someone a fixed term contract, or to hire someone permanently?

All vacancies will be advertised and filled on a fixed term basis up to 18 months, in recognition of future service improvement programmes, unless they are deemed as business critical roles.

Business critical roles are:

  • Roles which require a social work qualification
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Public Health Consultants
  • Schools roles
  • Apprenticeships
  • Planning roles
  • Roles where the Council is not the employer

Permanent contracts. If someone’s leaving or your team’s expanding, you might need to bring in a new permanent member of staff.

Fixed term contracts. If you need someone for a specific period of time, you could hire someone on a short-term contract. This could be to staff a temporary project, cover maternity leave or bring in expert consultants.

Temporary contracts. If you need to hire an agency worker or specialist contractor, you’ll need to work with our partner agency, Pertemps. Pertemps manages the process of finding temporary workers for us. Read more about recruiting agency workers.

If you need to appoint a high cost interim with a daily rate of over £350, you’ll need to discuss this with the budget holder and service director, and then complete a business case template.

The purpose of the job

You’ll need to write a job summary which gives detailed information about the main responsibilities and duties for the role. Have a look at our Job Families chart and see if a profile already exists to help you write a job summary.

If the role is new it will need to be evaluated, and if it’s not new it will need to be re-evaluated under our new Buckinghamshire Council terms and conditions, although this may have already happened. You’ll need to submit the job summary for job evaluation before you recruit. You can find all the relevant forms below.

If you’re recruiting for a job that requires a DBS check, make sure the summary includes safeguarding responsibilities and behaviours.

Getting your manager’s agreement to recruit

Your decision to recruit will need to be signed off by your head of services or director. Hiring Managers should complete the Vacancy Approval Form (VAF) on SAP Manager Self Service. Job evaluations require Service Director approval. When submitting a VAF, be sure to choose the right contract type for the job you’re recruiting for, and to include the job summary you’ve created when you submit it. When you’ve done this, you’ll get an email at each stage of the approval process.