If you’re the father of a new baby, or partner of a mother with a new baby, you’ll be able to take time off at full pay as long as you’ve been employed here for 26 continuous weeks by the 15th week before the expected birth date.

The amount of time off with pay you can take will depend on your terms and conditions.

Staff employed on Buckinghamshire Council terms can take one or two consecutive weeks’ paternity leave on full pay.

If you are on AVDC, BCC, C&SB, or WDC terms and conditions, your entitlement may be different. For more information and for any forms you may need to complete click the links below:

Who can take paternity leave

  • Biological father
  • Partner of the mother (including same sex couples)
  • Partner of an adoptive parent
  • Nominated carer chosen by the mother to support them

Only one person can take paternity leave in your partnership or marriage.