Matt from the Highways Infrastructure Projects, Strategic Transport & Infrastructure team, and Katherine from the Education team, shared where they’ve seen collaboration in action recently, and how recent events have highlighted the team’s enthusiasm to work together.

Matt from Highways Infrastructure Projects, Strategic Transport & Infrastructure

Matt Bradford Photo

My role at Buckinghamshire Council is to help manage the delivery of infrastructure projects, ranging from local cycleway schemes to the construction of new roads. Our team helps to ensure that the Council’s key infrastructure projects are delivered efficiently and provide good value for money.

I’ve found the transition to a Unitary Council to be mostly seamless. Thankfully, I’ve been able to carry on with my job just as effectively as I could do before April. The culture at Buckinghamshire Council is positive and encourages collaboration between members of staff. If I have an issue with a project I am working on, I absolutely feel that I can approach my manager, a team-mate or a colleague in a different team to ask for guidance or advice.

I’ve seen many great examples of collaboration recently, and it’s been incredible to see how adaptive and supportive everyone has been during the Covid-19 crisis. Everyone continues to strive to deliver high-quality services despite the uncertain circumstances – it does feel like we are all in this together. The dedication to supporting the public, especially from my colleagues within the Highways Infrastructure Projects team, makes me incredibly proud to work for Buckinghamshire Council.

Now that we are working from home, our team has learned how to use Microsoft Teams very quickly during the crisis and are now experts! We have regular team meetings and occasionally connect via Teams at lunch for a catch up.

Katherine from Education

Katherine Wells Photo

One of the things I love about my role is how varied it is – two days are never alike in education! I find that the culture at Buckinghamshire Council is very collaborative and inclusive, and I particularly enjoy working with a wide variety of people and joining forces across departments. I value that the organisation is open to new ideas and that I feel empowered to make a difference.

I know that I speak for the whole Equalities and School Improvement team when I say that ensuring all children and young people receive an excellent education and the opportunity to realise their potential is the reason why we work so relentlessly and are so dedicated.

I have witnessed the ‘Collaborative’ value in action recently, as everyone has been committed to ensuring the valuable supplies of PPE have reached schools as necessary. It has been a collective team effort - from the Procurement team who sourced the kit; the School Improvement Business Support team who set up an ordering system and managed communication with schools and local centres; the Mutual Aid team who provided project management expertise; local office teams who managed collection points; and the Post Room who delivered the PPE. Such a wide range of colleagues from Children’s Services gave up their time to pack over 120,000 pieces of PPE – thank you all!

I think that the speed in which the lockdown happened has actually had a positive impact on our team and the wider Council. We had to make rapid changes, but everyone stepped up to the challenge and I have been impressed with the almost seamless move to remote working.