We chatted to some of our staff about what Proud means to them, here's what they told us.

Louise from the HR & OD team

Louise Cole for you and work

I’ve been with the council for a total of 15 years, both as part of county and district, and now as part of the new Buckinghamshire Council. The journey to becoming a Unitary Council has been a hard but rewarding one. I have felt a real sense that I am part of a team and an organisation that is working together with a shared commitment to support our residents.

I’m proud of our staff and the commitment they show every day; and as a resident, I’m happy to say I work for the council because I can see what excellent services we offer. I’m also proud of our inclusive culture – coaching and listening is strongly encouraged and all staff are given the opportunity to have their ideas heard. People have been so selfless in the difficult times recently, with many taking on huge tasks alongside their usual workload, such as the set-up of the Olympic Lodge. If all of that isn’t something to be proud of, I don’t know what is!

The Elms Residential Home team

The Elms - team photo v2

Winnie, Assistant Head of Home at the Elms, said “I love the interaction and following the journey of the young people I work with. I love helping and guiding them to make the right choices.” Stephen, a Residential Worker, added “The best thing about working at the Elms, is being able to make a difference to lots of young people’s lives in positive ways.”

Reflecting on why he is proud of how the team have pulled together during the Covid-19 crisis, Andy, Head of Home, explained “It’s been a difficult and confusing time for our young people. The team have adapted quickly to what has been a new challenge for everyone. We have offered continuity in education through home schooling, and introduced new activities such as a spin bike, charity pedometer events and even a karaoke machine to keep everyone physically and mentally healthy through lockdown. Staff at the Elms continue their amazing work and have ensured that everybody feels listened to by introducing a worry box. Andy added “Our family ethos is what has been the most powerful tool in persevering through this uncertain time.